Guarina was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  Her family moved from Ponce, Puerto Rico to the Lower East Side of New York City when she was four.  The move was exciting as she is one of ten, born and raised in a Spanish-speaking home.  School was difficult for Guarina because she could not speak a word of English or understand anything that was said.  Her kindergarten teacher also had difficulty since there were no separate classes for non-English speaking children.  Life was complicated even more because neither of Torres’ parents spoke English and she and her siblings were only allowed to speak Spanish at home. 

Guarina Torres met her husband, with whom she had four children and worked as the office manager of his dental practice.  In 1987, they moved to Boca Raton.  With her husband she ran a small business for many years and raised her four wonderful children.  Her children all graduated from Palm Beach County Public Schools and are now successful adults.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from CW Post Long Island University and a Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University.  Both of Ms. Torres’ degrees are in the Field of Education.  Guarina is presently retired after teaching in the public school system for 38 years, many of which were in Palm Beach County.  She taught elementary, middle, and high school and adult literacy in both New York and Florida.  Guarina Torres also served as a union representative and a legislative agent.  She conferenced many times with legislators in Tallahassee about laws affecting children, teachers and education. 

Guarina Torres’ broad range of experiences, from those as a child from a large, non-English speaking, urban family, to those as an educated, well-rounded professional who not only ran a business but who was also an accomplished civic-minded schoolteacher, will serve District 88 well.   Guarina has the heart and cultural background that this district wants with the contacts and qualifications that this district needs.  District 88 deserves a state representative who is devoted 100% to improving the quality of life of here.  Representing you will be her honor and her sole focus.  Guarina Torres will not let you down.


Guarina’s Top Priorities

  • Keep Florida Free!
  • Support Governor DeSantis’ policies
  • Decrease crime
  • Reduce taxes and fees
  • Prevent government overreach
  • Stop vaccine mandates
  • Support school choice
  • Stop wasteful spending
  • Support Veterans
  • Stop flow of illegal aliens over the southern border taking our jobs
  • Stop flow of drugs over the southern border destroying our youth

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Why I am running

It is my belief that District 88 has not been represented properly.  Every election year the people of District 88 hear promises that are not kept.  We are told that crime is down, that drug use is down, and that the unemployment is down.  But we know that for many parts of our District, this is simply not true.  Politicians tell us what we want to hear so that they can get re-elected, and things do not improve. 

The major cities in District 88, West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach, remain two of the most dangerous cities in Florida, even though both cities have neighborhoods that are safe tourist destinations.  Likewise, many neighborhoods in the district are ravaged by drugs and unemployment, while others remain unscathed.  Politicians and media tout statistics from safe neighborhoods, providing a smokescreen to justify doing nothing year after year to address the real problems affecting neighborhoods in our district.

            The residents deserve a representative that can address the needs of the district, neighborhood by neighborhood.  A representative who will work with the Governor, rather than against him, so that our district will no longer be denied the resources many of our neighborhoods so desperately need.

District 88, which runs from Riviera Beach to Delray Beach, runs the entire range of income levels. Ask yourselves, when you hear statistics of District 88 is it possible to compare low to high and give blanket statistics.  Give your vote to a representative who will work on your behalf, not to another Democrat who will use this office as a steppingstone to better himself and then move on.  This district has a history of being neglected by Democrat representatives.  It’s time to break that cycle and vote for Guarina Torres, Republican for Florida State Representative, District 88.

Florida is a beacon of light for the entire country—maybe even the world.  Governor DeSantis’ resistance to government overreach, vaccine mandates, and high taxes help keep Florida free.  Voting for Guarina Torres will help keep Florida free and will improve the quality of life for the voters of District 88, making it a great place to live, work, raise a family and enjoy life.


Guarina Torres



On March 8, 2022, Vote for Guarina Torres
for State Representative – District 88.

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